• Automatic and Manual Transmission Services Decatur IL

    Whether you need your transmission system simply repaired or replaced, you can rely on our experienced technicians at SS Transmission. Additionally, if you want a cost-effective alternative, we can rebuild your existing transmission and help restore it to its optimal performance.

    We provide service to all automatic and manual transmission needs:

    • Automatic and manual transmission rebuilds and repairs
    • Clutch repairs and replacements, including flywheel resurfacing
    • Manual transmission hydraulic systems
    • Transfer case repair
    • Installing and flushing your transmission coolers
    • Transmission maintenance
    • Diagnosing your transmission for potential problems
  • Transmission Diagnostics

    SS Transmission has a team of certified technicians who can run diagnostics on your vehicle’s transmission system. We have cutting-edge equipment that is designed to identify potential problems as accurately and as quick as possible. In today’s world, virtually all vehicles are equipped with a computer system and running a modern diagnostics test helps us tap into your computer systems to determine what (if any) problems are stemming from your transmission system.

  • Transmission systems are complex pieces of equipment that are a central part of your vehicle. There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. However, with over 25 years of experience, our team has seen just about every transmission repair or replacement needed. When dealing with your transmission, it is important to let a professionally certified mechanic inspect your system and provide resolutions. If you think your transmission could be showing signs of failure, stop by our auto body shop today for a transmission diagnostics test.

  • Transmission Fluid Flushes

    A transmission fluid flush done by SS Transmission consists of removing the oil in your vehicle’s transmission, applying new oil that runs through a specialized machine that is designed to clear out any sludge and grime that is built up. This is a service that your vehicle should go through every 30,000 miles or so.

  • Transmission Repair/Replacement/Rebuild

    Keeping it entirely transparent, transmission repairs can be some of the more costly fixes for your vehicle. Generally, there are three options to go about fixing your transmission: repair, replace, or rebuild. While repairing your transmission tends to be the cheapest option, it isn’t always the best. Not to mention, repairing your transmission is dependent on how much damage the faulty part has caused. When we repair your transmission it typically means that we replace the bare minimum amount of parts so that your transmission can get back to working condition. However, there is always the possibility for another part to fail.

  • Your next option is getting your transmission replaced, which is by far the most expensive option. If your transmission is unable to be repaired and has caused too much damage to rebuild it, replacing it is your last option. However, the good news with a replacing your transmission is that this is done on the factory level. Typically, a replacement consists of the manufacturer replacing the failing parts with modified ones, your transmission will be updated to pre-built factory specifications.

  • A more budget-friendly option instead of a complete replacement of your transmission is allowing us to rebuild it. This is a popular option in most cases, simply because it avoids the high costs of a replacement. Rebuilding a transmission means putting parts like seals, gaskets, clutches, and bands into your existing transmission. We disassemble and clean the parts, which is followed by replacing your solenoids and a new torque converter. Finally, we reassemble your vehicle’s transmission and voila – your vehicle is back to its optimal performance.

    Transmission repairs, replacements, and rebuilds are pretty costly. Therefore, it is best to have a professional inspect your transmission system and run a diagnostic test to accurately locate the problem. This helps avoid any unnecessary and costly repairs.

  • Clutch Repairs

    Your clutch functions to disengage the transmission from the drive train, allowing you to shift gears without a grinding noise. Over time, your clutch will begin to wear and tear, but these are easy fixes. It could be a deteriorated clutch disc, a stretched cable control, or a leak in your hydraulics. Regardless, if you are experiencing problems with your clutch, SS Transmission is here with solutions. One of our certified mechanics can run a diagnostic test to pinpoint any problems related to your clutch and make the necessary repairs.