• Engine Repairs and Tune-Ups for Maximum Efficiency

    From quick oil changes to comprehensive belt and hose repairs, come to SS Transmission for all your engine repair needs. Make sure you ask about our 15% veteran discount while you’re here!

  • Owning your own vehicle can be a great feeling, it is also a major responsibility. Cars are expensive and that makes it all the more important to keep it protected. One of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and prolong your car’s lifespan is with routine maintenance. This includes engine belt and hose repairs, steering adjustments, oil changes, engine tune-ups, and replacing your spark plugs.

    Let SS Transmission help keep your car at its optimal performance levels with our auto maintenance services in Decatur, Illinois.

  • Our Maintenance Services

  • Engine belts and hose repairs

    Having your belts and hoses routinely replaces helps save you money and time. If you want your engine belt or hoses repaired or replaced, visit SS Transmission today. Your belt keeps your engine and its components operating smoothly and keeps your vehicle-powered. Your hoses work to keep fluids running through your vehicle like coolant, brake fluid, windshield washer fluid, and power steering fluids. Our certified mechanics can inspect and ensure that your engine belt and hoses are fully functioning and can repair or replace them if needed. 

  • Steering repairs

    If your power steering fails, you could be dealing with a safety issue. While you can still drive your vehicle without power steering, over time it could lead to potential damages. For any steering repairs or maintenance, SS Transmission is who to call. We provide quick fixes at affordable rates, getting you back on the road in a timely manner. 

  • Oil change

    Depending on your oil and vehicle, you typically need to change your oil every 3,000 to 7,000 miles. It helps with your engine’s performance, provides lubrication to prevent grinding and other damage and increases your gas mileage. SS Transmission also offers a synthetic oil change option! 

  • Engine tune-ups

    Have one of our certified mechanics provide an engine tune-up to your vehicle and see the benefits firsthand. The result will be more power, greater efficiency, long-term savings, and during the tune-up process we inspect your entire engine and ensure that it is fully functional. 

  • Spark plug replacement

    There are two main reasons to have your spark plugs replaced: peak engine performance and improve cold starts. Don’t risk your battery running dead due to extra voltage needed to start your car, and what good is having a vehicle if it’s engine isn’t at its optimal performance? Trust our experienced mechanics with a simple spark plug replacement service and see the increase in your vehicle’s performance! 

  • Routine maintenance is the best way to prolong your vehicle and keep your investment protected. Stop by SS Transmission and have one of our certified mechanics inspect your vehicle and keep it in ideal condition with our automotive repair and maintenance services in Decatur, Illinois.