• Brake Services in Decatur IL

    Get your brake pads replaced, rotor repaired, and brake fluid changed – all in one place! SS Transmission is your one-stop-shop for brake services in Decatur, Illinois. Making sure your brakes are reaching their peak performance is one of the safest measures you can take regarding driver safety. SS Transmission has over 25 years of experience repairing and replacing brakes. Read below about some of the popular brake services we offer.

  • Disc and Drum Brake Repairs

    Your vehicle will have either disc or drum brakes, both are based on a hydraulic pressure system. The most commonly found type of brakes in vehicles today are disc brakes that are mounted to your front axle. Popular brake repairs are due to wear and tear. If you want your brakes inspected by a professional, stop by SS Transmission.

  • Brake Pad Repairs

    Brake pads are a vital part of your brake system and are the component that contacts and applies pressure, creating friction to your brake rotors. This pressure and friction are what causes your vehicle to slow down. Given that vehicles travel at fast speeds, over time, your brake pads will deteriorate due to stress every time you brake. Some common indications that your brake pads are needing to be replaced:

    • High pitched squealing when you apply your brakes
    • Vehicle vibrates while braking
    • Your current brake pads already have a high mileage
    • Brake system warning lights on your dashboard
  • Rotor Repairs

    It isn’t always easy to detect when your brake rotors suffer from damage. It is always a good idea to have your rotors replaced when you take your brake pads in to be serviced. Potential things that cause damage to your brake rotors over time are:

    • Rust
    • Warping
    • Deep Grooves
    • Dishing
  • Change Your Brake Fluid

    At SS Transmission, we can change out your brake fluid, a preventative car maintenance service that often gets neglected. In our experience, we recommend having your brake fluid flushed every 30,000 miles. The relationship between your brake fluid and your brake system is like your engine and its oil. Keeping this routinely changed helps prolong your vehicle’s life. In time, your brake fluid can get contaminated and lead to moisture in your system and that leads to rust. Any contaminant in your brake fluid leads to a decrease in stopping power and faulty brake system. Call us today for a brake fluid flush!

  • Suspension Services

    Is your drive becoming more and more bumpy? Make sure that your suspension system is in great shape by bringing your car to SS Transmission for regular suspension servicing and part replacement. With over 25 years of experience, we are confident that we can handle your vehicle suspension services in Decatur, Illinois.

  • Suspension System Inspection

    To the untrained eye, a suspension system inspection of your vehicle can seem like trigonometry. However, if you begin to hear clanking or knocking when you drive over bumps, if you are having to constantly correct your steering wheel, then you could need a suspension system inspection. This helps diagnose your vehicle’s problems with accuracy. SS Transmission offers suspension system inspection services to help you identify the problem so we can focus on a solution.

  • Shock and Strut Replacement

    Your shock and struts function as a part of your vehicle’s suspension that works to lessen the impact of your springs which absorb the shock from road surfaces. If your struts and shocks are faulty, your vehicle is susceptible to a be a bouncy ride over bumps on the road. It also impacts your vehicle’s handling. SS Transmission specializes in suspension systems and has the certified technicians to handle your shock and strut replacement in Decatur, Illinois. Signs that your shock and struts are deteriorating include:

    • Your car bottoming out
    • Nose diving when stopping
    • Premature tire tread wear
    • Leaking fluid
    • Bumpier ride than normal
  • Ball Pin Repair And Replacement

    If your ball joint fails, the result can be catastrophic. Your ball joint failing means your front suspension will fall apart and will cause you to lose control of the vehicle. If you think your ball joints are becoming worn, have your local mechanic inspect it and provide a repair or replacement service.

  • Suspension Leaks

    If you notice your vehicle’s suspension starting to leak, consider having your car serviced immediately. Your suspension could be at risk of failure if your air compressor system starts to weaken or if you discover a leak in the rubber bladder or a hose. SS Transmission can handle any leaks coming from your suspension system and get your car back to optimal condition.

  • Auto Heating and AC Services

    Whether it’s your car’s heating or cooling system that’s on the fritz, count on us to fix it for you in no time at all! Visit SS Transmission for all-around vehicle heating and air-conditioning services today. If you need auto heating or air conditioning services, call or visit us today.

  • AC Line And Hose Repair

    If your vehicle’s air conditioning hose fails, you may not need an entire replacement. With the help of our qualified mechanics, we can diagnose the issue and repair your worn hose, if possible. We can even make a new AC hose for your vehicle!

  • Evaporator Cores

    This acts as your heat exchanger within your car’s heating and cooling system. Your evaporator core deals with moisture and because of that, is susceptible to mold and mildew, and you can notice this if your air begins to stink. Our team at SS Transmission can repair or replace your evaporator core and revive your vehicle’s heat and air conditioning system.

  • Condensers and Compressors

    Your vehicle’s condensers and compressors are key components to your heating and cooling system. Whether you need a repair or replacement, SS Transmission can handle the task. Call us today for an estimate!

  • Schedule Your Auto Repair

    For the last 25 years, we have been the number one solution for auto repair in Decatur, Illinois. From transmission replacement to oil changes and brake pad replacement, our auto hobby shop provides comprehensive auto repair services. To schedule an appointment and get your vehicle back to its glory days, call us today!